5 new questions we now have for The Man in the High Castle Season 4

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THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE — Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/Amazon Prime Video. — Acquired via EPK.TV

The Man in the High Castle Season 4 sneak peek has given us plenty to ponder before November. Here are the big questions we now have.

The sneak peek for The Man in the High Castle told us a fair bit about Juliana’s journey at the start of Season 4. We learned that she did universe hop safely, but also that she landed in a place where the States won the war. While we got some answers to our questions from before, we’ve also ended up with more questions.

The reveal of who she would meet first has certainly raised some concern but also excitement. Here are the big five questions I now have for The Man in the High Castle Season 4.

5. Which world exactly?

It’s clear that Juliana couldn’t have ended up in the same world Tagomi went to in the second season. We now know that the person traveling can only go to a world where their counterpart is dead. While we never got the confirmation that Tagomi’s counterpart was dead in that world, it was hinted at numerous times that the wife and son believed this to be the case until Tagomi showed up.

Tagomi’s world had a very much alive Juliana. So, that means Juliana couldn’t go there. If she’s not there, where is she? The world with Trudy?

This question brings us another question.

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