Chasing Perfect exclusive clip: Take a look inside Jay Leno’s garage

Jay Leno has an impressive collection of classic cars. Take a look inside with this Chasing Perfect exclusive clip.

Chasing Perfect is a look at Frank Stephenson, from his childhood love of cars to the creations he’s designed since. Jay Leno is a huge fan of his cars, and it’s not surprising there’s a collection in the classic car garage. This exclusive clip from Chasing Perfect takes us inside.

Jay has the chance to show off his love for classic cars with the one and only Frank Stephenson. One of the first cars Frank sees is the McLaren P1, one of the hypercars Frank had the chance to design. It certainly is an exquisite car, but the look inside doesn’t stop (or even start) there.

It’s all about the simplistic designs. While some would claim cars that look simple are boring, there’s something pure about them. The sports cars nowadays do have this bug-like appearance to them. Sure, they look futuristic, but that’s not what Jay is after. He wants classic, simplistic, and stylish.

You will get a chance to see inside Jay Leno’s garage, at all the classic cars he has in his collection. And it certainly is a mighty collection. Check out just a glimpse in this Chasing Perfect exclusive sneak peek, courtesy of 1091 Media.

Car enthusiasts and fans of Frank Stephenson will want to get their hands on Chasing Perfect right now. It’s a beautiful look at Stephenson’s life, his love for cars, and his thoughts behind designing. You can get it right now on all major VOD platforms, including Amazon Video.

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What do you think of Jay’s classic cars collection? Which Frank Stephenson design do you love the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chasing Perfect is now available on Digital through all major VOD platforms.

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