6 intense moments from Euphoria Season 1, Episode 4

Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations
Euphoria - Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /
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Euphoria – Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /

2. Nate threatens Jules.

As an interesting parallel to the scene between Jules and Cal, Nate approaches Jules with threats. It’s not surprising, earlier in the episode we watched Nate choke Maddy in a burst of rage because of her behavior at the carnival (by episode’s end, she has a horrible bruise around her neck and burst into tears, poor girl).

Initially, it looks like maybe Nate will be sweet to Jules, not that this a relationship anyone should be rooting for, mind you, but he turns the tables quickly. Nate threatens to ruin her life by exposing all the nude photos she’s sent him.

Technically, even as a minor, Jules could be charged with distributing child pornography. The irony is that Nate is aware his father has DVDs full of child porn and yet doesn’t show any indication of wanting to turn his dad in.

If anything, Nate wants to be like his father. Yet Jules is the one he wants to threaten. His rage is stemming from intense internalized homophobia and blatant misogyny.

Both Nate and Cal take home the grand prize for being the vilest characters on the show. Can they get joint father-son prison cells?

Euphoria – Photo Courtesy of HBO Media Relations /

1. Jules and Rue kiss.

In the aftermath of her terrifying meeting with Nate, Jules finds comfort in Rue’s arms. It’s clear the meeting with Nate has deeply rattled Jules but she isn’t willing to explain why or go into detail.

Instead, she spends the night with Rue. We see the two of them comforting each other before Jules leans in and kisses Rue in the same way Rue did last week.

As much as I adore the idea of a Rue and Jules romance, I worry that Jules is going to wind up breaking Rue’s heart! I hope that’s not the case, but I get the feeling she’s kissing Rue to feel wanted by someone she loves (platonically) rather than romantically.

I think she’s trying this out with Rue because she knows it could be something healthy and good for her, but it might not necessarily be what she really wants.

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Odds & ends

  • Rue gets put in the parental role this week when Gia wanders off in the carnival. She finds her smoking weed with the (obnoxious) twins. For a moment, it looks like Gia isn’t going to leave with Rue, but then the twins start attacking Rue over her overdose and Gia finally leaves. There is a sweet moment between the sisters. It’s nice to see Rue step up and be responsible for her young sister.
  • Maddy dumping that chili is already iconic. If only she’d dumped it all over Cal and his sleazy sons.

A new episode of Euphoria airs July 14 at 10/9c on HBO.