Euphoria Season 1, Episode 2: 5 shocking moments

Season 1, episode 2 (debut 6/23/19): Zendaya, Hunter Schafer. photo: Courtesy of HBO
Season 1, episode 2 (debut 6/23/19): Zendaya, Hunter Schafer. photo: Courtesy of HBO /
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Season 1, episode 2 (debut 6/23/19): Sophia-Rose Wilson, Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Alexa Courtesy of HBO /

4. Kat goes viral.

As if it weren’t apparent enough already, the guy Kat lost her virginity to is as sleazy as it gets. He and the twins leaked a video of her during intercourse. Saving Kat from instant recognition is that the video doesn’t show her face.

That doesn’t stop the high school rumor mill from fingering Kat as the willing participant. She blackmails the twins and manipulates the principal into quelling the rumors.

Later, while she’s alone, Kat investigates the trail her video left on PornHub. She is surprised to find many commenters aroused by her. They clamor for more. Kat gets an entrepreneurial look in her eye and makes an account.

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3. Fez saves Rue from Mouse.

Desperate for more drugs, Rue visits Fez unannounced. He begs her to leave because his supplier is planning a house call and he isn’t the type of guy Rue should be around.

It’s not until she sees Fez tucking a gun between the couch cushion that she finally understands the gravity of the situation, but by then it’s too late to leave. Fez’s supplier, Mouse, is taken by Rue.

He coaxes her into taking a hit of fentanyl. Then he charges her $300. Rue doesn’t have that kind of money. Fez is forced to cover for her to keep Mouse from doing something even worse than plying her with drugs.

With Mouse gone, Fez is left to take care of Rue, once again. He calls Jules to help him and gets the Narcan ready, just in case.