Good Omens: The top three moments from the series premiere

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Michael Sheen and David Tennant — Photo Credit Todd Williamson — Acquired via EPK.TV

Aziraphale’s magic act

Aziraphale’s excitement in doing magic is fantastic. Despite being on Earth for thousands of years, he still has a childish wonder about doing human things.

He loves to eat, drink and do magic tricks.

But Aziraphale isn’t doing his brand of magic, which he could do just about anything since he is an angel. He’s doing regular, sleight-of-hand type of magic. And Crowley calls him out on it because he is so bad.

Nope. Aziraphale will have none of it.

So for Adam’s 11th birthday part, Aziraphale gets his magic wand and puts on one of the worst magic shows ever. With a gaggle of kids staring at him, waiting for an impressive trick, he does them sloppily but with an authentic smile on his face.

The kids aren’t fooled either. They know the rabbit doesn’t magically appear in the hat, but instead was hiding under the table. Of course, it all leads to the children rebelling and Aziraphale and Crowley winding up in the middle of a food fight, which turns out to be amazing for the kids.

What made the magic act so great was Aziraphale’s total excitement. Even though the scene was filled with kids, he probably had the most boyish look about him. I hope he never losses that charm.

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