10 best shows on Showtime Amazon Channel

Shameless -- Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
Shameless -- Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /
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5. The Chi

Created by Lena Waithe, The Chi chronicles the life and times of a neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago. The Chi is a timely and topical show with a focus on bringing to light the issues plaguing primarily black communities in our country today. The first season focuses on the shooting of a young black kid and the ripple effect it has on the community at large.

The Chi is very much an ensemble show. The main characters include Kevin (Alex Hibbert), a teenager who lives with his two gay moms. Brandon Johnson (Jason Mitchell) the brother of Coogie, the kid who was killed in the first season. Brandon is an excellent cook who aspires to become a famous chef one day. Most of his storylines revolve around him, trying to chase his dream career.

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Emmett (Jacob Lattimore) has more of a focus in the second season. He’s a somewhat foolish, reckless teenager with three kids by three different mothers. His journey revolves around him, trying mature and recognize what it means to be a father.

At present, The Chi is airing its second season, but Showtime has already renewed it for a third season. Even though there isn’t a main plot thread, necessarily, the real heart of The Chi is in its characters.