15 TV shows still in danger of being canceled in 2019 (and 5 Amazon should save)

PATRIOT -- Photo Credit Stephanie Branchu -- Acquired via EPK.TV
PATRIOT -- Photo Credit Stephanie Branchu -- Acquired via EPK.TV /
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Patriot Season 2 Amazon Prime Video
PATRIOT — Photo Credit Stephanie Branchu — Acquired via EPK.TV /

In danger: Patriot

The fourth Prime Original on the list is Patriot. There is still some time for this series to be renewed, but the silence about it is the worrying fact. It’ll be a shame, because this is a funny show — and not what you would initially expect, in a good way.

Patriot Season 2 debuted in February 2019. It’s only just been two months so a decision could be coming soon. However, March releases have already received renewals, which suggests that things aren’t good for this comedy.

In danger: The Passage

When it comes to FOX’s freshman TV shows, this is one that I was surprised didn’t take off better. The promotion was on point, with each new trailer showing something different. It was also based on a best-selling trilogy, making it clear that there was room for more content if people just watched.

We can’t deny there was also a list of great actors involved. So what went wrong?

Maybe nothing. Maybe it’s just a case of too much on right now. Or it could be that some, like me, felt that some of the show was dragging too much. There were three episodes or so in the middle where the plot just didn’t seem to move forward but I stuck with it.

Whatever the reason, the live ratings weren’t good. The Passage is likely going to be canceled with that cliffhanger of an ending.

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In danger: Proven Innocent

FOX made some questionable decisions with Proven Innocent. One of those was putting it on the Friday nights. This is considered the death slot! While Last Man Standing managed to beat the odds — likely due to the in-built fanbase — Proven Innocent hasn’t managed it.  This is FOX’s worst performing show.

It’s doing worse than The Gifted, which has already been canceled. This tells me that the legal drama will also exit the network at the end of the season.

Should save: Santa Clarita Diet

I’ve already shared that Amazon probably won’t be able to save Santa Clarita Diet but that doesn’t stop me from including it on the list. This is one of the best zombie shows on TV right now, making it one of those TV shows that needs to be saved.

It has a good cast, funny storytelling, and isn’t afraid to push boundaries in a creative way. The downside is the Netflix contracts and possibly the cost of production if Amazon is worried about getting the viewers.