15 best DVD and Blu-ray releases in April 2019

Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures
Photo Credit: Ed Araquel/Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures /
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12. Mirai

Release date: Apr. 9

What it’s about: Sometimes, we need anime in our lives and you have one movie coming to DVD and Blu-ray in April 2019. Mirai is about a four-year-old boy called Kun. When his new sister joins the family, Kun is understandably jealous. He decides to run away to a magical garden, where he gets to meet the older version of that sister.

Kun is taken through a journey of the past and future. It’s a little like Scrooge but without the Christmas Eve twist. This is about one young boy learning more about being a big brother, what could be, and how his life will change for the better. He also learns all about his family and the real stories.

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Ray Donovan — Photo: JoJo Whilden/SHOWTIME — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

11. Ray Donovan Season 6

Release date: Apr. 9

What it’s about: Apr. 9 is a day of some excellent DVD and Blu-ray releases, especially when it comes to TV shows. Ray Donovan Season 6 is one of those releases. The SHOWTIME series stars Liev Schreiber as the titular character, a tough buy from South Boston now living in Los Angeles.

Ray is a lawyer at a prestigious firm with wealthy clients. He doesn’t have a problem fixing some of the trickiest and questionable problems. However, he isn’t able to fix his own, including dealing with his father, Mickey Donovan, who is let out of prison and immediately causes conflict in Ray’s life.