5 movies and shows to watch this weekend with Amazon Prime [Mar. 16-17]

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American Gods — Photo courtesy of STARZ — Acquired via STARZ Media Room

Looking for something new to watch with your Amazon Prime membership? Between Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Channels, your weekend is sorted.

Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Channels offer a range of new content this weekend. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the season premiere of your favorite show, continuing your watch of your favorite STARZ additions, or looking for a movie to put on and relax with. It’s time to delve into the shows and movies on offer this weekend, Mar. 16-17.

I try to offer something for everyone. For some of these, you will need a subscription to Amazon Channels. Others are available with your Prime membership as it currently stands. Of course, there are still some of the Mar. 1 releases if you haven’t got through them all just yet.

Here are five movies and shows to watch this weekend with Amazon Prime.

5. American Gods Season 2, Episode 2

If you haven’t caught the premiere episode yet, make sure you watch that this weekend, too. You can watch the series with a STARZ subscription if you’re in the United States. The second episode drops on Sunday.

If you have the STARZ app through Amazon Channels, you’ll be able to watch the latest episode from midnight on Mar. 19. Those who watch through the cable channel on their TV will need to wait until 8 p.m. on Sunday.

For those who live internationally, you’ll need to wait until Monday for the second episode. However, releases are at midnight GMT, so some countries can get the episodes earlier.

Don’t forget to follow up American Gods with the second episode of Now Apocalypse on STARZ.

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