18 most shocking TV deaths in 2018

CHICAGO P.D. -- Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
CHICAGO P.D. -- Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /
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2. Martin Riggs — Lethal Weapon

Season & episode: Season 3, Episode 1

What happened: A main character deserves a fitting ending. That’s not what Riggs got, when he was shot at the end of Lethal Weapon Season 2. It was in the third season premier that we found out he died from anaphylatic shock. Everything happened off screen, and loyal viewers couldn’t help feel cheated and disrespected.

Why it was one of the most shocking TV deaths: Quite honestly, Martin Riggs’ death would have been the number one death of the year had it not been for one thing: something had to happen with the Lethal Weapon mess that was created last May. With FOX picking up the show for a third season without Clayne Crawford (bad decision, in my opinion), it was clear that his character would have to be killed off.

The shocking factor was the way that it happened. Within minutes of the opening scene, Riggs is pronounced dead just after the doc said he’d do everything he could. Looks like he didn’t do “everything.”

1. Alana Hayes — SEAL Team

Season & episode: Season 2, Episode 3

What happened: Jason and Alana Hayes had been going through difficulties for the whole of the first season. We had some hope that they would work things out in the second. Yes, at the end of the second episode, we learned there was an accident. Sure enough, the third episode delivered the devastating news.

Alana had been killed in a car accident on something as simple as a beer run. It was purely an accident at a corner that hadn’t had a fatality before this point.

Why it was one of the most shocking TV deathsCar accidents happen a lot. They tend to be used as a way to quickly create drama in a series and SEAL Team ran the risk of becoming one of those shows. However, the actual events were major and nothing we expected.

There were never any clues that we would love Michaela McManus’ character at all. Because she was a recurring guest star, there was always the knowledge that she’d show up now and then.

What made this even bigger was the fact that she wasn’t one of the military personnel. As Jason said, it was always supposed to be him. You don’t expect the civilian mom to die. And it was absolutely gut-wrenching to say goodbye to her. By far, one of the best episodes of 2018 and definitely the most shocking death.

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What were the most shocking TV deaths for you in 2018? Have I missed one off the list? Share yours in the comments below.