25 Prime Originals that make your Amazon Prime membership totally worth it

The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /
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The Wilds - Amazon Originals
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6. The Wilds

There are certainly some excellent coming-of-age shows out there. Most of them are set in high schools, which is where The Wilds is extremely different. While there are flashbacks to normal life, most of the show is set on a deserted island.

A group of nine teenagers were supposed to head to a retreat in Hawaii. When their plane crashes, they have to figure out a way to survive instead of enjoying the pottery classes and yoga sessions they were supposed to have. They don’t get to be teenagers anymore.

But what if it wasn’t all an accident. It turns out there’s something bigger at play, but how much do their parents know?

One thing The Wilds offers is deep storytelling. This isn’t about just covering topics lightly. When it comes to sexual abuse, the show is willing to tell a victim’s story. When it comes to the loss of a parent and just trying to survive, the series focuses fully on that. Each teenager gets an episode delving into her backstory and only her backstory, which allows us time to get to know the characters.

We’re thrown into the survival story with them. We follow the twists and turns, and some of the flashes to them being rescued leads to plenty of questions about the events on the island. Fortunately, there’s a second season coming for all those questions that didn’t get answered.