25 Prime Originals that make your Amazon Prime membership totally worth it

The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
The Boys -- Photo credit Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /
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Good Omens, Amazon Prime Video
Good Omens — Photo credit: Chris Raphael/Amazon Prime Video — Acquired via epk.tv /

7. Good Omens

When it comes to a miniseries, there’s only one that you need to watch. It’s all about Good Omens.

Based on the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the series has been a long time in the making. The two wanted to see it developed but it had to be under the right circumstances. It was after Pratchett’s death that Gaiman agreed to do the series himself to honor his friend’s wishes.

David Tennant and Michael Sheen star as the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale. The two want to prevent the apocalypse from happening, but there’s one tiny problem; they’ve lost the Anti-Christ. Throughout the six episodes, they go in search for the 11-year-old, who now has his trusty Hellhound, Dog, his friends, and his powers.

Meanwhile, angels and demons are both waiting for the apocalypse to happen. They want to see either Heaven or Hell win, of course hoping that it will be their side. Then there are the witch hunters who will stop at nothing to prevent the apocalypse and burn witches.

As for the witches, well, there’s one who has prophesized everything that would come. Just how right are the most recent prophecies?

Unless something dramatically changes, there isn’t going to be a second season of the series. Good Omens is a short binge-watch and worth putting on again and again.