10 STARZ Originals to watch through Amazon Channels

Ash vs. Evil Dead -- Photo credit: Ash vs. Evil Dead -- Acquired via STARZ Media Site
Ash vs. Evil Dead -- Photo credit: Ash vs. Evil Dead -- Acquired via STARZ Media Site /
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5. Survivor’s Remorse

Survivor‘s Remorse sounds like it should be a series about someone surviving a horrific accident, but it’s anything but. This is all about being thankful for the life you get to lead but helping others when you can. It’s a story of basketball and of achievement, without forgetting about where you come from.

Created by basketball star LeBron James, the series tells the story of Cam Calloway. When he signs a progessional basketball contract with Atlanta and moves to the new city, he realizes that the people in his life aren’t necessarily just there for him. Soon enough, his mother, sister, uncle, and cousin all decide to take advantage of his new-found wealth and generosity.

But what about the people who really deserve it? What about those who lived two doors down from him when growing up and are still stick in the dead-end job living paycheck to paycheck?

Throughout four seasons, Cam learns more about people and who he is. He learns more about managing his money but also having fun in the life that he now lives. This is one of those feel-good comedies with a diverse and intriguing cast.

All four seasons are on the STARZ app, so you can watch the entire series with Amazon Channels. It’s one of those STARZ Originals for those who want a sports series with a positive, generous twist.