Why is Amazon offering free shipping throughout the holidays?

As we inch closer to the end of the year, it means only one thing: Christmas shopping. Amazon is offering all its customers free shipping, but why?

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means the Black Friday sales. Plus, Christmas is around the corner. Is it really that surprising to hear that Amazon is waving all its shipping costs to U.S.-based customers?

Well, considering right now, customers have to sign up to Amazon Prime for all their shipping costs to be free, it is a surprise. Without Prime, you need to spend at least $25 to be eligible for free shipping in the United States. It’s only a small amount but its significant when added up across the country, so why would the company choose to remove that fee?

It’s all about competition. It looks like the online retailer is worried about the likes of Wal-Mart and Target taking over in online sales. The two companies recently announced they’d offer free shipping for online orders, so it makes sense for others to follow suit.

Will this affect the number of people signing up for Prime? After all, if they can get free shipping, why bother signing up for the subscription service?

The company has thought of that. Instead of free two-day shipping, all Prime members in the U.S. can now get free same-day shipping. This was previously only on offer for particular products and in certain locations. It’s now available nationwide.

Free shipping is only available throughout the holiday season. Once Christmas comes and goes, the costs for shipping will go up again.

Are you taking advantage of free shipping? Will you take advantage of free same-day shipping as a Prime member? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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