What’s new on Amazon Prime Video Sept. 10-14?

FOREVER -- Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes -- Acquired via EPK.TV
FOREVER -- Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

Amazon Prime Video brings three additions to its service next week. One of those is the fourth of five Prime Originals hitting the service in September. Here’s what you can watch between Sept. 10 and 14, 2018.

There are three new additions to Amazon Prime Video next week. One of those is the fourth of five new Prime Originals coming to the service in September. The other two additions are two movies from recent years. Here’s a look at everything you can watch on Amazon Prime Video next week.

I will put a note in here to say that last week was supposed to see additions that didn’t materialize or were under different parts of Amazon Prime. This information comes direct from Amazon’s press release of titles for the month and that’s all we can judge before the dates roll around on the service.

Forever Season 1 drops on the service

The series to watch next week is going to be Forever. This is the comedy Prime Original of the month, dropping the full first season on Sept. 14. While it drops at the end of the week, this is great news as you have the whole weekend to binge.

Forever is about a married couple who have done the same thing over and over again for the 12 years of their marriage. From the trailer, it’s clear that the wife is getting fed up of the stagnant routine, even though the husband doesn’t really notice an issue.

They do decide to change things up a little and, of course, this is where it all goes wrong. It all starts with a vacation to a ski resort instead of their usual cabin.

Forever drops its first season on Sept. 14.

Grace Unplugged drops at the start of the week

The first of the three additions next week is Grace Unplugged, the 2013 movie that is based on the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son. It stars AJ Michalka, Jamie Grace, and Kevin Pollak and was directed by Brad J. Silverman and written by Brandon Rice.

When Grace (Michalka) decides she doesn’t want to follow her father’s dream of being a church singer, she leaves the family and heads off to Hollywood to become a star. What she actually realizes is that life in Hollywood isn’t everything she thought it would be. What’s the point in everything without the people closest to you there for you?

As it’s based on the Biblical parable, there’s also the Christian aspect to the movie. Michalka shared that her character realizes that God has to come first and Grace learns the importance of religion.

Grace Unplugged drops on Sept. 12.

High Fantasy to end your week

If you’ve had a bad week, you’ll look forward to Sept. 14. Not only does the Prime Original Forever drop, but so does the movie High Fantasy from 2017. Set in South Africa, the clue to the genre is in the name.

When a group of friends goes on a camping trip in South Africa, they wake up to find themselves in each other’s bodies. The movie is filmed with a “found footage” style but designed as a comedy instead of a horror.

Not only is the movie set in South Africa, but it’s from a South African production team. It also follows South African politics mixed with the Freaky Friday style.

High Fantasy drops on Sept. 14.

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What are you watching next week on Amazon Prime Video? Are you still catching up on the Sept. 1 drop? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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