Amazon orders Invincible series from The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman

The first project for Robert Kirkman since signing an overall deal with Amazon is going to be an animated series about Invincible.

It wasn’t just enough for the popular Invincible comics to be adapted into a movie. Now, Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, Ryan Ottley are adapting the comic book franchise into an animated series for Amazon.

It’s very much in the infancy stages of the process so we’re way ahead of the curve when it comes to potential release dates, production getting underway and any sort of casting announcements. However, all of that will be coming in the pipeline soon and we’re very excited about this new project.

We do know it will be an animated series with the first season consisting of eight hour-long episodes.

Amazon signed Kirkman to an overall deal to make content for Prime Video and based on the success of The Walking Dead, Amazon is hoping he can bring a fraction of that success to the streaming/retailer.

“Robert has an uncanny talent to predict the zeitgeist, and we are incredibly excited to see him break boundaries in an animated one-hour format,” said Sharon Yguado, Head of Scripted Genre Programming, Amazon Studios in a press release. “In a world saturated with superhero fare, we trust Robert to subvert expectations while encapsulating a story filled with heart and adrenaline. We love his ambitious plan for the show and believe it will look like nothing else on television.”

While the comic book franchise may have come to an end, this represents an exciting time for fans of the franchise to see the new adaptation come into focus.

If you weren’t a reader of the comic book but are intrigued by the prospect of this new series in development at Amazon, here are the essentials about Invincible.

The story centers around Mark Grayson who is the son of the greatest superhero in the world and after turning 17, he begins to develop the same types of powers shared by his father. Then, his father takes him under his wing to master his newfound abilities.