Game of Thrones: Watch ‘The Spoils of War’ free on Amazon Channels

Credit: Game of Thrones - Helen Sloan - HBO
Credit: Game of Thrones - Helen Sloan - HBO /

Here’s how you can watch Sunday’s new episode of Game of Thrones for free on Amazon Channels.

Game of Thrones hits its halfway mark of season 7 with Sunday’s episode “The Spoils of War” which begins at 9:00 p.m. EST and can be seen on HBO, HBO Go and HBO Now. You may have heard about a big hack at HBO that resulted in Game of Thrones episode details being leaked all over the internet.

Hopefully, you’ve avoided spoilers on the internet and you won’t have any spoilers in this article that is designed to show you how you can watch the new episode for free and not slimy about it. If you seek it out, you can watch the leaked episode of “The Spoils of War” but I highly recommend you definitely don’t do that for a number of reasons but the overriding reason is it’s “just not right.” Plus, wouldn’t you want to enjoy the same shared experience you enjoy when you watch with the rest of the world on Sunday evening?

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It may be related to the hack or the leaked episode, but for some reason, HBO hasn’t released a synopsis for “The Spoils of War” which is really odd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen before. Even the episode description on DirecTV is empty. So we don’t have a short 10-word synopsis that viewers can obsess over until the episode airs.

However, we can get a fairly good idea of what’s to come based on the events of “The Queen’s Justice” episode last week, the 10 images provided by HBO that see a few storylines coming to fruition and the 30-second trailer shown at the end of the episode. You can watch the trailer below, courtesy of the Game of Thrones YouTube channel.

It looks like Dany will be receiving more visitors with Theon returning to Dragonstone after he abandoned ship when Euron attacked and took Yara, Ellaria and Tyene prisoner and took them to King’s Landing to be Cersei’s gifts. We know what’s going to happen to Ellaria and Tyene, but we don’t entirely know the plans for Yara, although we can’t expect them to be too pleasant.

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Most importantly, it looks like Arya will be returning home to Winterfell where she will see Sansa and Bran, now as the Three Eyes Raven, so it’ll be interesting to see the interactions they have and if they’ll be as creepy as the one between Sansa and Bran from last week. Brienne and Pod are also back in Winterfell.

And of course, there is the war at hand with Jaime and Cersei trying to keep their allies and hold off a surprise attack from Dany who appears ready to ride Drogon into town and burn them all.

You don’t want to miss what’s on tap in “The Spoils of War” so if you don’t have HBO, now is the time to start. You can get a free trial of Amazon Channels for seven days so you can watch Sunday’s new episode for free and you won’t risk infecting your computer with a billion viruses by watching a leaked episode.

What do you hope to see in “The Spoils of War?” Let us know your predictions on our social media.