Amazon Video reportedly closing gap on Netflix in Europe

Netflix is the leader for streaming video but Amazon Prime Video is narrowing the gap in European markets according to a new study.

When it comes to streaming video, you likely think of Netflix first, and rightfully so, since they were the pioneers and have a global reach with more than 100 million subscribers. It’s changed the way people watch shows and movies and become a part of the pop culture lexicon. And Amazon Video is trying to shoehorn itself in that conversation too.

After going global in December, Amazon Prime Video is making serious efforts to eat into the significant lead Netflix had on its global audience. According to a study from Parrott Analytics that appears in on Variety, Amazon Prime Video is making its biggest gains in European markets,

Across 20 major European markets, Netflix content had 235% more demand, on average, than Amazon content between January and April of 2016. But during the same period this year, Netflix’s advantage was down to 45% even though it is way ahead of Amazon in terms of content volume, Parrot Analytics said. In fact, the average demand for Netflix programs fell by 32%, while demand for Amazon went up by 57% within the last year.

Germany and Slovenia saw the biggest reception to Amazon Prime Video while France, Ireland and the U.K. are still Netflix-leaning countries where Amazon still has an uphill battle to climb. At this time next year, however, I’d be interested in seeing the data to see if Amazon Prime Video is continuing to make inroads in those countries to see if they’re closing the gap on Netflix. Or if Netflix is continuing to extend their lead over the challenger.

The best way to compete with Netflix is a simple one for Amazon and it’s all about content. Netflix is the kind of content and releases numerous original shows, movies and stand-up specials every month. Amazon’s original content pales in comparison to Netflix at the moment, but their big push could come with movies.

After the success of Manchester by the Sea, Amazon Studios is investing more in motion pictures, an area where Netflix still hasn’t been able to find a hit. If Amazon can find the next Manchester, that could be the way to cut into Netflix’s lead but the quantity Netflix boasts may be something Amazon simply can’t compete with.