The Flash live stream: Watch The Flash season 3, episode 20 online

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 23: Actor Grant Gustin attends the 'The Flash' Special Video Presentation and Q
SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 23: Actor Grant Gustin attends the 'The Flash' Special Video Presentation and Q /

The Flash live stream: Here’s how you can watch “I Know Who You Are,” season 3, episode 20 of The Flash online!

The Flash is hitting its stride in the third season, and in my opinion, has become must-watch TV for the whole season. With the stakes as high as they are moving forward, you do not want to miss an episode!

Tonight’s episode of The Flash is episode 20, and based on the trailer, it looks like it is going to be one of the most intense episodes of the new season. Unfortunately, we don’t know of any legal ways to watch the episode while it airs on The CW.

The easiest and probably best way to watch the episode online is to wait until Wednesday morning and watch the episode on The CW app. The app is compatible with pretty much every popular device including Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire tablets. The last five episodes of The Flash are also streaming on The CW app.

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The CW app is also free and you don’t need a cable or satellite subscription.

Here is the synopsis of “I Know Who You Are,” via TV Guide:

"Barry and the team meet Tracy Brand, a scientist who may be the key to stopping Savitar. Unfortunately, Killer Frost is also after Tracy, so Team Flash must battle their old friend, which proves to be particularly difficult for Cisco. Meanwhile, Joe and Cecile’s relationship takes a big turn."

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The Flash Season 3, Episode 20 Live Stream Information

Time and Date: 8 p.m. ET, Tuesday, May 2
Episode: “I Know Who You Are”
TV Channel: The CW
Live stream: Stream 1Stream 2 I Stream 3

There are only four episodes of The Flash season 3 left including tonight’s episode. You want to get caught up as fast as you can to find out what is happening in what I think is the best season of the series so far! It will get spoiled on social media if you don’t catch up by the finale on May 23, 2017.

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As we mentioned, you can watch the last five episodes of the series using The CW app. If you are more than five episodes behind, we recommend Amazon Video to catch up. You can buy each episode of the series for only $2.99 or the full third season $39.99.

According to our friends at Netflix Life, The Flash season 3 will also be added to Netflix at the end of May, so if you can wait a little bit longer than the season finale, maybe that is the play here. Happy streaming!