25 Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas on Amazon

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2. Tile Mate

Everyone has those moments where they forget where their phone is and then automatically go into panic mode.

It’s a terrible feeling.

But that can be prevented with a simple device that helps you locate your lost phone, keys or anything it’s programmed to. Meet the Tile Mate.

This device is the best seller in GPS trackers and has been recently re-designed to be 25 percent smaller. It’s also very simple to use. Just program it to your phone and keep it somewhere in your wallet or keychain. When you notice your phone is missing just simply click the button and your cellphone will ring.

You can also use it for other lost items as you can track the Tile Mate using GPS on your cellphone. With over 5 million of these devices sold to date, it’s certainly the top on the market and the most-trusted. It also comes at a great price.

You can purchase a new one for just $25 right now on Amazon.