Sneaky Pete: 15 times Bryan Cranston reminded us of Walter White

Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz
Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz /
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Credit: Sneaky Pete-Amazon
Credit: Sneaky Pete-Amazon /

 6. Vince lays down the law

  • Episode 4, “The Fury”

After frequent player Hector lost a large amount of his money to Mukharjee, he started to threaten the man from Mumbai openly in front of all the players and guests. Vince instantly stopped this inappropriate behavior and apologized profusely to all in attendance. Next, he dealt with the hot head and ticking time bomb that was Hector, who defended himself by saying that Mukharjee got under his skin.

Vince ordered Hector to squash the beef with Mukharjee. However, he refused to do such a thing. He vowed revenge, but Vince then made a death threat against Hector for introducing street life into his high class location. Vince understood why Hector hated Mukharjee, but he could not allow arguments to escalate in his establishment, so he laid down the law to put Hector back in his place.

Cranston has Vince conduct his business in a professional manner much like Walter White. Walter wore the facade of a business man in his first few meeting with Gus Fring. Walter accounted for Jesse’s lack of professionalism and swore to clean his partner’s act so that the business would not encounter any setbacks.