Sneaky Pete: 15 times Bryan Cranston reminded us of Walter White

Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz
Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz /
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Credit: Sneaky Pete-Amazon
Credit: Sneaky Pete-Amazon /

5. Vince meets his rival

  • Episode 4, “The Fury”

In Vince’s first appearance since the second episode, Cranston expertly communicated Vince’s disgust with big player Kumar Mukharjee from Mumbai in India. Immediately, Kumar exhibited an annoying amount of confidence as  a wealthy player who believed himself to be better than every other player in Vince’s card game scene. To show off this confidence, Kumar subtly complimented and flirted with Karolina to tick off Vince even more.

Lastly, Kumar boldly declined to accept Vince’s gift of a glass of Pappy Van Winkle, a very expensive drink. He threw an off hand compliment to Karolina while he in a sense insulted Vince’s business. He implied that Vince could not afford to hand out glasses of Pappy Van Winkle for no charge with such expensive business costs no matter the profit.

Cranston reminded viewers of Walter White with Vince’s subtle facial expressions. If someone were to criticize Walter’s meth making abilities, Mr. White would take that as a slight against himself. When Walter’s ego was attacked, he failed to let it go and let any insult hamper his business just as Frank’s insecurities catch up to him eventually.