Sneaky Pete: 15 times Bryan Cranston reminded us of Walter White

Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz
Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz /
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Credit: Sneaky Pete-Amazon
Credit: Sneaky Pete-Amazon /

4. Vince turns the tables

  • Episode 2, “Safe”

In this moment, Vince figured out Marius’ grand master plan for the game of Bridge with the whale Charles McGregor. Vince placed himself a step ahead of Marius’ con team. Sadly, Vince discovered the con because he walked in on a practice session with every contributor. As always, Eddie gave up Marius to look out for his brother’s own good.

Additionally, Vince picked apart the operation piece by piece. He interrogated Karolina and asked her what was the capital of Slovenia, a question which she could not answer. Next, he had Marius explain the entire con and where Marius got the money for the game. The entire plan collapsed here as Vince made a power move to place himself in control of the situation as opposed to leaving his fate in the hands of a con man such as Marius.

This moment had roots in Walter’s power move against Tuco. Pushed to the very edge, Walter decided to make a statement that Tuco would receive. Walt blew up Tuco’s headquarters in an astounding blast to assert himself as the top dog just as Vince did here.