Sneaky Pete: 15 times Bryan Cranston reminded us of Walter White

Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz
Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz /
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Credit: Sneaky Pete-Amazon
Credit: Sneaky Pete-Amazon /

3. Vince works with Marius.

  • Episode 2, “Safe”

Although he viewed Marius’ plan as a con, Vince decided to enter into a partnership with Marius to destroy their target, who frequently cheated at high stakes games of bridge around the city. As Marius described the target that Vince and he would attempt to take down, Vince got too caught up in Marius’ speech to realize that Marius spoke about him. Again, Vince was a step behind Marius due to his arrogance and little experience in the con game.

After the breakdown of the plan, Marius introduced Karolina who would make sure that the team could cheat the cheat. Vince became very intrigued with this plan and more confident moving forward since Marius did not leave anything to chance. Unfortunately, Marius had planned to con Vince this whole time.

Although Vince exhibited arrogance in this scene, he also showed off his inexperience in this type of criminal activity. Much like Walter and the meth business, Vince struggled to catch on to his competitors and seemed way in over his head, which allowed Marius to take advantage of him.