Sneaky Pete: 15 times Bryan Cranston reminded us of Walter White

Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz
Sneaky Pete- Photo Credit:: Amazon Prime Video/Eric Liebowitz /
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Sneaky Pete
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1. Vince threatens Marius

  • Episode 1, “Pilot”

The entire episode focused on Pete as he tried to acclimate himself to his new family while also concocting an escape plan for his younger brother Eddie. While Pete dismissed his brother’s well wishes, Eddie implored that he was trying to help Marius or else Vince would kill Marius. Marius questioned Eddie’s tactics after he saw, what he believed to be, a setup earlier in the day in New York City.

However, Cranston stole the show when Vince stole the phone away from Eddie. Vince ordered Marius to pay back Vince’s money or else Vince would torture Eddie every week by chopping off a finger per week until Vince received the money. Vince cut straight to the chase and barely allow Marius to say a word throughout the conversation.

Here, Cranston reminded viewers of Walter White. This scene resembles one in which Jesse would try to argue with Walter about a certain action or decision. Despite Jesse’s disagreement, Walt quickly explained what would happen if the plan did not go his way. Thus, Jesse would follow Walt’s orders.