How to Get Away with Murder season 3, episode 10: Watch online

Credit: How to Get Away with Murder - ABC
Credit: How to Get Away with Murder - ABC /

How to Get Away With Murder season 3 returns Thursday night on ABC. Here is the episode synopsis, trailer and live stream information so you can watch online and on Amazon.

If you aren’t watching How to Get Away With Murder on ABC, you’re missing out on one of the best television shows currently in production. The show is a personal favorite of mine because of the writing and incredible performances by the cast. Viola Davis is without question one of the best actors working today and each scene with her is something to behold.

Now if you aren’t caught up with season 3, turn away now because vital information from the winter finale is about to be revealed. Consider this your last spoiler warning because the name of a person who was killed is about to spill.


Who killed Wes?!?!?

Viewers were left stunned in the winter finale when it was discovered that Wes was killed. Now comes the time to try to determine who is responsible for murdering him. And according to the medical examiner, Wes was already dead before Annalise’s house blew up like a Fourth of July fireworks show.

Of course, we’ll find out who did it and how they did it over the course of what remains of season 3. I want to know now, though! Could it have been Annalise? That seems too obvious to me, but who knows?

TV Guide has provided the episode synopsis for the season 3 episode of How to Get Away with Murder titled “We’re Bad People.”

"Annalise sits in jail as the DA’s office compiles evidence against her. Meanwhile, the police try to figure out how Wes’ body wound up in the house fire; and the remainder of the Keating 5 mourn the loss of one of their own."

You can watch the episode promo below to get a sneak peek of what awaits tonight.

Below you can find the broadcast information and live streaming links. If you are watching through Amazon, you will have to wait until new episodes are added on Friday.

Date: Thursday, January 25
Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Episode: “We’re Bad People”
Channel: ABC
Live stream: Stream 1 | Amazon

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Let us know who you think killed Wes in the comments section below and what you hope to see in tonight’s return of How to Get Away with Murder.