15 best Billy Bob Thornton moments from Amazon’s Goliath

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10. Billy threatens a priest

Episode 3, “Game On”

Trying to build a case for his client, Billy met Father Anan in a bar to speak about Jason Larson’s father. Billy complained to the bishop that Father Anan preached in favor of a crusade against Islam. Billy also pointed out the fact that Anan performed the funeral ceremony for Ryan Larson, but no Catholic priest would do such an act if the victim committed a suicide. Thus, Billy deduced that Ryan confessed to Father Anan about his situation.

After Father Anan refused to break his confessional seal, Billy threatened to sue the entire Catholic Church. Billy wanted to expose the Bishop’s relationship with a woman, but he would stop if  Father Anan provided some information. Instead, the priest opted to pity Billy who represented all that was wrong in the world with his cynicism and sarcasm. After Anan’s words, Billy looked dejected at the bar alone.

Thornton here does the unthinkable as his character threatens a priest so that the man would break his confessional obligation. Thornton displayed strength, yet he also showed the loneliness within Billy after Father Anan’s scathing words about Billy’s character.