15 best Billy Bob Thornton moments from Amazon’s Goliath

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video /
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Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video /

1. Billy’s makes his final statement

Episode 8, “Citizens United”

In a riveting final statement, Billy McBride showed off his best skills. He articulated to the jury that no one can possibly know what happened for sure on the fateful day that Ryan Larson was killed. He emphasized that Borns Technology represented a goliath that would always take advantage of individuals. Borns Tech cannot be tried criminally since it was a corporation. However, Billy placed the onus on the jury to make the moral and correct decision in this trial.

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Billy explained the objective for the lawyers on both sides of the aisle. He actually commended Callie’s efforts because she actually did a good job. However, he also noted that the jury has the power, and they do not have to be totally sure. No one can be that sure, so he left the fate in the hands of the jury.

Thornton’s speech certainly persuaded viewers just as effectively as McBride’s speech persuaded the jury. In the end, the amazing performance convinced everyone that Borns Tech was guilty. In the end, the little guys beat the big guy’s thanks to mammoth acting heavyweight Billy Bob Thornton.