15 best Billy Bob Thornton moments from Amazon’s Goliath

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video /
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Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/Amazon Prime Video /

Billy Bob Thornton shined in Goliath as his acting elevated the series to amazing heights and even earned himself a Golden Globe.

Fresh off a win at the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama, Billy Bob Thornton elevated the Amazon Original series Goliath to new heights with his brilliant acting. Along with an incredible supporting cast including the likes of William Hurt and Molly Parker, Goliath became an instant hit for Amazon Originals.

Thornton played lawyer Billy McBride on the series. Based in the Los Angeles area, Billy fought his alcoholism throughout the season while he desperately tried to stay connected to his daughter, played by Diana Hopper in the midst of an intense trial that nearly killed him on multiple occasions.

Billy battled one of the most powerful and richest law firms in the world. By the way, he also founded that law firm. He faced the behemoth in a wrongful death lawsuit that would impact the future of his career as a lawyer as well as the lives of his defendants. Fortunately, Billy had help along the way to make the giant firm along with his rival collapse by the end of the trial.

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As Billy McBride served justice in the courtroom, Thornton delivered an amazing performance where he communicated Billy’s emotions to the viewer exquisitely. Whether it be sarcasm with uncooperative clients or compassion with a shy young boy, Thornton exhibited a palette of emotions throughout the series. Most importantly, his eloquence in the courtroom catapulted Goliath into one of the top courtroom dramas in recent memory.

Season 1 of Goliath delivered plenty of shocking moments throughout its run. Fortunately, Thornton was a part of these moments as Billy McBride caught in the thick of the action. Here are Thornton’s 15 best moments in the first season. Beware, spoilers follow.