The Man in the High Castle Season 2: 15 most shocking moments

Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/Amazon Prime Video
Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/Amazon Prime Video /
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Photo: Liane Hentscher/Amazon
Photo: Liane Hentscher/Amazon /

10. Kido and the Kempeitai Massacre the Yakuza

Episode 7, “Land O’ Smiles”

In an episode where John Smith’s funeral eulogy struck the audience emotionally and emphasized the importance of family, the unlikely shenanigans of Ed and Childan somehow overshadowed the Nazi officer. However, Kido managed to dominate “Land O’ Smiles” even with the hijinks of Ed and Childan’s adventures providing much-needed levity in such a dark show.

Sergeant Yoshida reported collusion between the Yakuza and Nazis after he investigated a burned farmhouse which contained several burned films belonging to Abendsen. Kido decided to answer the Yakuza’s betrayal with a violent display of brutality. Kido showed s charred film to Yakuza leader Okanura before Kido executed the man almost instantly. Next, Kido’s Kempeitai massacred the Yakuza members present throughout the Yakuza hideout.

Kido’s bloodbath reminded viewers of hs power as the Chief Inspector. Although General Onada imposed a stranglehold over Kido’s operations in a sense, Kido sought swift justice for the Yakuza’s betrayal to the Japanese Empire. By the end of the day, Onada admired Kido’s decision as the Chief Inspector orchestrated an attack that caught everyone by surprise.