The Man in the High Castle Season 2: 15 most shocking moments

Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/Amazon Prime Video
Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/Amazon Prime Video /
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Credit: Liane Hentscher/ Amazon
Credit: Liane Hentscher/ Amazon /

13. Smith and Kido Meet

Episode 5, “Duck and Cover”

After Smith granted Juliana asylum in the Reich, Kido decided to make a brash move in traveling to the Reich to demand Juliana’s release in Japanese custody. Smith declined Kido’s request because Smith held larger plans for Juliana in mind. Although this bold move failed, Kido initiated a relationship with John Smith in this meeting. The men spoke about their service during the war. Here, Smith revealed that he served in the United States Armed Forces in the Pacific.

Furthermore, the meeting between the two heavyweights established a channel for diplomatic communication. Kido and Smith discussed the betrayal of Heydrich and his plan to usurp control of the Nazi empire with his associates. Again, nothing quite came out of their following conversations aside from the continued trust the men built in each other.

Luckily, when Kido approached Smith with the film to stop the Nazis from launching a war against Japan, their connection finally prevailed. Kido and Smith only wanted to preserve their respective nations. Thus, this meeting ranks on the lit since the men put aside their loyalty to their homelands in a sense in order to work with the enemy to obtain peace.