The Man in the High Castle Season 2: 15 most shocking moments

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The Man in the High Castle
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14. Joe Is Lebensborn

Episode 5, “Duck and Cover”

Although Joe Blake placed a blemish on an otherwise stellar season, his arc still delivered some startling revelations into Nazi society. After Joe accepted John Smith’s assignment, which Joe’s father, played by Sebastian Roche, actually ordered. Reichsminister Heusmann aimed to show Joe’s true purpose in the Reich.

That purpose was to be the first breed of Lebensborn. The Nazis attempted to breed their next generation to carry on the legacy of the Reich. Heusmann lectured Joe about Hitler’s drive to perfect the human race. The Germans established birthing houses where women would birth children. From this demented program, a woman gave birth to Joe. This news understandably upset Joe, yet a talk with Nicole certain alleviated some of the stigma within Joe’s mind.

Obviously, the Nazis engaged in dastardly operations such as the Lebensborn program. However, this moment shocked viewers because it forced them to confront a horrible chapter of human history. The pilot episode briefly touched on Nazi executing the terminally ill, but the series never tackled this issue again. This season attacked the problem head on as Joe fought his demons in order for him to move to the next chapter in his life.