When will The Man in the High Castle season 3 be on Amazon?

Find out when you can watch The Man in the High Castle season 3 on Amazon Prime Video. The Amazon Original series is must-see TV.

If Transparent sets the bar for original comedy on Amazon, then The Man in the High Castle sets the bar for drama programming on Amazon Video. The original series premiered on January 15, 2015, with season 1 of the show based on Philip K. Dick’s novel of the same name that envisions the world where the Axis Powers (Germany, Japan) won World War II. Frank Spotnitz created the series that stars Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Luke Kleintank and Rufus Sewell.

The American Reich and the Pacific States that comprise what we know as the United States is a trippy look into one of the biggest what-if questions someone could ever ask. It’s a superb show with intense drama and fascinating characters and that’s why it ranks so high on our ranking of the 50 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video.

Season 2 was just released on December 16, but that hasn’t stopped viewers and readers of our site from wondering when they’ll be able to watch more new episodes.

The Man in the High Castle season 3 doesn’t have a set release date yet and we’re waiting official word from Amazon Studios that the show will be renewed. We think that’s just a formality at this point, so we feel comfortable projecting a release date for the third season.

Season 1 was released in mid-January while season 2 was moved up one month. We can project The Man in the High Castle season 3 will be released in a similar time next year. Therefore, we can pencil in a Friday, December 15, 2017, release date for 10 new episodes.

If you are already done with season 2, we applaud you for your binge-watching efforts, and if you need more shows on Amazon to watch, we hope you’ll take a look at our ranking of the best shows and the best comedies on Amazon Prime Video.

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