Black Friday 2016: What are Sears’ hours on Black Friday?

What are Sears’ hours on Black Friday 2016? We have all the details about the Sears hours on Black Friday and the Sears Black Friday deals!

Heading out to shop at Sears on Black Friday? We have listed the Sears hours below, so you know when to go and snag the best Black Friday deals at Sears!

Sears hours are pretty typical compared to the other major retailers this Black Friday. Sears will open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 24. That’s also when many of the good Black Friday deals, also known as the Doorbuster deals, will be available to buy at Sears. Stores will then close on Thursday night at their regularly scheduled time at most Sears stores, but then they will reopen at 5 a.m. on Black Friday, Nov. 25, for more Doorbuster deals!

Sears will stay open until midnight on Black Friday!

You should always check your local Sears hours because some states and counties have regulations about when Black Friday sales begin.

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