Black Friday 2016: 25 Best Amazon Black Friday Deals

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19. Delonghi Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Coffee machines have always been a hit on Black Friday and 2016 is no different.

While many consumers will flock to the deals retailers will have on Keurig brand coffee machines, Amazon will have one of the most advanced machines available on sale.

The Delonghi Super-Automatic Coffee Machine retails at $630.16 but Amazon is offering $150 off for Black Friday.

The machine is expensive, yes. But you’re really getting a quality product for the price you are paying.

This machine may seem complicated but is very easy to use. It features push button control with programmable menu settings. It can brew both whole beans or ground coffee as all you have to do is fill it and place the cups underneath. The machine does the rest!

Grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning can be even simpler with this machine. It even has a setting for the strength of the coffee on it.

This will make a great gift for a loved one and bonus points if you buy it for a spouse, then you will be able to use it!