Black Friday 2016: 25 Best Amazon Black Friday Deals

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15. Echo Dot

The second generation of Amazon’s Echo voice speaker is here and ready to be purchased on Black Friday.

The Dot, also known as the Eco’s little brother, retails right now for $49.99. Starting Nov. 24, the online retailer will make the speaker available for the low price of $33.33.

But why should you purchase the Dot?

If you’re looking for a hands-free device that plays music, uses apps like Uber, reads the news, sets alarms and controls smart home devices, then this is for you. It’s small, easy to move, comes at a good price and has across the room distance capability. Plus, the Dot is always adding new apps. Right now you can order a pizza from Dominos via your Dot device, bringing the future of hands-free ordering to you.

There’s more.

Amazon is running a special with the Dot allowing you to grab gifts for family members and get one free for yourself. If you purchase six Dots you will get one free, purchase 12 dots and you get two free.

Stock up on Black Friday for family members and reward yourself with one of your own. It’s a win-win situation.