Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has cameo in Star Trek Beyond

Founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos will have a credited cameo role in the upcoming new film, Star Trek Beyond

As the old saying goes, you can do just about whatever you want when you have an absolutely absurd amount of money. The latter part would undoubtedly apply to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos considering his net worth is estimated near $60 billion. And apparently doing whatever you want includes getting a role in the upcoming film release, Star Trek Beyond.

Bezos, who also founded a startup company geared toward human spaceflight called Blue Origin, has made no secret about his love for outer space and things of that nature—so that he would be Trekkie interested in playing a role in the upcoming J.J. Abrams release shouldn’t be a surprise.

According to IMDB, Bezos is credited as playing “Starfleet Official” in Star Trek Beyond and is going to be some sort of alien being in the process.

Moreover, reports from various media outlets have stated that it is indeed just a brief cameo as Bezos’ character and role in the film can only be seen during one tracking shot in the film. However, being in a Star Trek film is being in a Star Trek film if you love the franchise.

The Associated Press (via The Guardian) actually spoke to Abrams about having the billionaire CEO on set for making the film and filming his brief role and the acclaimed director and producer was wholly complimentary of Bezos. Abrams lauded him for “nailing” his scene every time that it was shot while also admitting that he was a bit star struck to be in the presence of a man of the Amazon CEO’s stature.

Without question, fans and movie-goers were going to flock to see Star Trek Beyond regardless. But now, be sure to be on the lookout to catch Bezos’ cameo—it’s not every day that a man in such a big movie is worth billions.