10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts on Amazon

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3. Amazon Fire Tablet 

Price: $49.99-$179.99

An Amazon Fire tablet is a great gift to give on Mother’s Day!

It’s functional and easy to use, but it also can be used for watching movies, reading books, surfing the web, and liking all your pictures on social media, as moms do.

Here is the price breakdown, via Amazon:

  • Fire: $49.99
  • Fire HD 6: $69.99
  • Fire HD 8: $149.99
  • Fire HD 10: $179.99
  • Fire 6 Kids Edition: $79.99

I probably wouldn’t get the Fire 6 Kids Edition for Mother’s Day, but hey, that’s just me!

Like usual, this all comes down to the preference. The Fire tablet is cheap for a reason. It doesn’t have the same resolution that the other tablets have, and it’s not the same in terms of functionality. The more expensive tablets are better.

Obviously, the screen size is also a big deal. The Fire HD 10 has the biggest screen of the bunch, and it’s the thinnest tablet available as well.

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