10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts on Amazon

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2. Amazon Kindle 

Price: $59.99-$289.99

The Amazon Kindle is the leader in the e-reader, and it’s not all that competitive. If you want an e-reader, you should get a Kindle, and that’s that.

If your mom likes to read, a Kindle might be the best gift you can give her this Mother’s Day!

Here is the price breakdown for each version of the Amazon Kindle, via Amazon:

  • Kindle: $59.99
  • Kindle Paperwhite: $99.99
  • Kindle Voyage: $199.99
  • Kindle Oasis: $289.99

Obviously, the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite are good enough for most people. That’s why they sell more of those than the Voyage and the Oasis. However, the perks of the Voyage and Oasis are much better.

So, it basically depends on the style and the person that you are buying for. I would recommend the Kindle and the Paperwhite, though. They are a much better value.

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