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Amazon Echo
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A look at the five best features, tricks, and functions of the Amazon Echo featuring Alexa

Over the past year, the popularity of the Amazon Echo and smart-home technology has skyrocketed, largely because of the improvements that are coming seemingly every day from Amazon to the Amazon Echo and to the technology and work that they’ve put in with the “face” of the device in Alexa.

Alexa on the Amazon Echo is obviously helpful as it’s an incredible versatile bit of smart-home technology with the power of Amazon and numerous other apps behind it. However, there are many things that really set Alexa apart from other smart-home technologies, the first of which is her personality.

Not only can Alexa and the Amazon Echo help you in a number of different situations no matter what you need to do or need help doing, but it can also be used to have a bit of fun in a number of instances. It’s really a fantastic bit of technology.

The Amazon Echo can be purchased for $179.99 on the massive online marketplace and, as an Amazon product, it’s a Prime eligible product and, when it’s in stock, customers can get free two-day shipping with a Prime membership.

Why should you buy the Amazon Echo, though? Here are five of the coolest features that might give you a better picture as to why the Amazon Echo featuring Alexa is one of the hottest products out there right now.

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