Bosch Season 2: 5 things we want to see in new season

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Bosch Season 2
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1. A Big Bad

One of the biggest reasons that the first season of Bosch worked so well is that there was this “final boss” foil to Harry that he and the police department were chasing in serial killer Raynard Waits. From what we know about what’s set to take place in Bosch Season 2, that may be harder to achieve—but it’s pivotal that there is a central villainous figure that Harry, Jerry, and everyone else in blue is going after.

With plots that deal with chasing down organized crime, shows, movies, or whatever else have a tendency to get a bit convoluted as there are so many moving pieces to chase. That’s something that Bosch Season 2 can’t afford to do. There has to be the big bad in the end that they are looking for—whether that’s the kingpin of this mob or something similar. Having that lone figure that Bosch can chase after and try to stop and/or apprehend is pivotal to this show working.

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Hopefully all of this happens in Bosch Season 2 and hopefully it’s every bit as enjoyable as the pilot season. If these things do happen, Bosch will certainly have the chance to move up on our rankings of the 50 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video.