Bosch Season 2: 5 things we want to see in new season

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Bosch Season 2
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2. Los Angeles

With such a diverse setting as Los Angeles, it feels like we only got to see a very limited scope of the city in the first season of Bosch. While that didn’t fully take away from the narrative and the chase of Raynard Waits in the pilot season, it was noticeable looking back on everything. Now that we’re moving to another story and given what is said in the trailer for Bosch Season 2, though, seeing more of Los Angeles seems truly important.

In the trailer, Harry talks about LA being his city and about the lengths that he will go to protect it and his family from the organized crime that he and the LAPD are up against in the new season. To fully make this concept hit home throughout the new season, though, we need to see Bosch interacting with more parts of the city—to see him actually owning and feeling a connection to Los Angeles that he talks about in the trailer.

Moreover, the fact that the setting of this crime is changed from the novel it’s based on (Trunk Music is set in Las Vegas) would seemingly indicate that this being in LA is important to the show. As such, we need to see more Los Angeles in a major way.

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