Bosch Season 2: 5 things we want to see in new season

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Bosch Season 2
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5. Maddie Bosch

Though this is obviously a show about crime and Harry Bosch going after criminals, some of the most interesting character development in the entire show is when the troubled detective is spending time and bonding with his estranged daughter. The fact that they got to share the screen for an ample amount of scenes later in the first season is one of the many reasons why the later episodes were by far the best of that pilot season.

From the trailer that implies that the crime at the heart of Bosch Season 2 deals with the mob, the other implication is that Maddie and Harry’s family are in jeopardy of being the next victims of a criminal organization. While that’s something involving the two, there has to be time for more pleasant interactions between the detective in his daughter if we’re to continue to see Harry grow as a character.

Though it may seem trivial, the dichotomy of this hardened detective in Harry and how he acts as he tries to build a relationship with his daughter is hugely important to the show and the central character. Hopefully that doesn’t get taken away in Bosch Season 2.

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