Amazon Deals of the Day: 10 Best Shopping Deals for March 7

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A look at the 10 best Amazon Deals of the Day that will help Amazon shoppers rack up the savings

Who doesn’t love saving money when they’re shopping? Whether it’s for necessities or for a luxury or two, there’s always savings to be had on Amazon. The Amazon Deals of the Day offer savings on thousands of products that fit virtually any need that a customer could have. The key, though, is to find the best Amazon Deals of the Day, even if that can be a bit of a daunting task with all of those deals to look through.

We’ve got you covered, though, as we’ve looked through those numerous Amazon Deals of the Day and picked the ones that we deem the best of the day. Let’s dive right into those and look at the 10 best Amazon Deals of the Day for Monday, March 7.

10. Thirstystone Sandstone Cinnabar Coasters

List Price: $40.27
Amazon Deal Price: $16.23

No one likes drink rings being left on their furniture, but quality coasters can often be just outrageously expensive. Solve that problem with style by getting your hands on these coasters that will save you over $20 on the list price on Amazon.

9. LEGO Brick 16GB Flash Drive

List Price: $12.99
Amazon Deal Price: $6.99

At one point or another, everyone needs to have various computer files on the go with a flash drive. Why not spice up your flash drive with a bit of nostalgia with this LEGO Brick drive. While it may seem silly, it’s also a great deal for a 16GB flash drive as it’s almost 50 percent off the list price on Amazon.

8. Orgrow Deluxe Walk-In 6 Tier Greenhouse

List Price: $159
Amazon Deal Price: $67.39

Especially with the movement of many people trying to be self-sufficient, growing one’s own food and plants is a big deal. So why not go all out and get your own mini greenhouse to really get things working. With over $90 in savings on Amazon, this deal is too good to pass up if gardening is your forte.

7. RFID SAFE Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet

List Price: $75
Amazon Deal Price: $19.99

If there’s one thing every man needs but tends to not think about until it’s too late, it’s a good wallet. This Swiss leather wallet certainly fits the bill in terms of quality and you can’t beat the price. At almost 75 percent off the list price on Amazon for Monday, don’t let this deal pass you by.

6. 50 Percent Off or More on Green Toys

Green Toys are one of the most interesting products in the market as they are all made from 100 percent recycled materials (mostly milk jugs) while still taking the form of traditional toys. For all ages of children, Amazon has a fantastic deal on them with savings galore.

5. Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

List Price: $299.99
Amazon Deal Price: $179.99

The idea of a universal remote control is somewhat played out in many regards, but finding an effective one can still be quite handy, which leads us here. This Logitech Harmony remote has some amazing features that can control up to 15 electronic devices. For $120 off of the list price with this Amazon deal, it’s well worth it to try and make life easier.

4. 50 Percent Off or More on Sport Watches

Having a Rolex or a fashionable watch is nice, but it doesn’t exactly speak to full functionality like a good sport watch would. Amazon has the answer to that with this deal as over 20 different styles and price-ranges of sport watches are 50 percent off or more from the list price on Amazon.

3. Callaway Mens’s X2 Hot 4 Wood (Right Handed)

List Price: $300
Amazon Deal Price: $79.99

If there’s one thing that every golfer loves, it’s letting loose a big drive off of the tee. But say you need a bit more diversity off the tee and slightly more control. Make that happen with this Callaway 4 Wood that is sure to help give any golfer another weapon in their bag when they hit the links.

2. Paragon 7875 Heavy Duty Safe

List Price: $249.95
Amazon Deal Price: $56.95

In this crazy world, protecting your valuables—whether in terms of price or pricelessness—has never been more important. Do it well with this Amazon Deal that offers a high quality, heavy duty safe for over 75 percent off the list price.

1. Seiki SE42UM 42-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV

List Price: $899.99
Amazon Deal Price: $299.99

For whatever reason, everyone loves a good TV to their credit. However, a good TV can often set you back a pretty penny when making such a purchase. Instead, look to this Amazon deal that will save you $600 on a 42-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV that will more than get the job done.

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