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A look at the 10 best Amazon deals available to shoppers on Monday, Feb. 29

Amazon offers numerous different services to customers that are all highly convenient and useful. However, they are first and foremost a giant in terms of online marketplaces, largely because they offer some of the best savings opportunities out there on a daily basis, putting a discount on thousands of products every day.

Rather than making you dig through all of those deals to try and find the best ones, though, Amazon Adviser has done the work for you by finding the 10 best Amazon deals for each day.

These are the 10 best Amazon deals for Monday, Feb. 29, 2016.

10. Bare Décor Outdoor Wooden Tray Table

List Price: $240
Sale Price: $88.99

One of the hardest areas of a home to decorate is the outside—the patio area and things of that nature. Amazon can get you started with this deal with a stylish wooden tray table that you can decorate in a number of ways and decorate around quite easily. For a solid piece of outdoor furniture, it’s hard to beat over $150 in savings.

9. Perry Ellis Linen Cotton Shirts

List Price: $79.50
Sale Price: $29.99

Sitting around in lounge pants and an old t-shirt is obviously a comfortable option for any man, but sometimes you have to go out and look a bit more presentable. Don’t sacrifice comfort or your bank account to make that happen by picking up one of these Perry Ellis linen dress shirts that are almost $50 off of the list price for this deal on Amazon.

8. Optomo X351 Multimedia DLP Projector

List Price: $1,199
Sale Price: $488

Though it’s somewhat trivial, people love having a great home theater system in place. This deal on Amazon allows customers to up their game in that regard with a multimedia projector with 3D capabilities. With over $700 in savings on this projector, now is just as good of a time as any to splurge and really bring the big screen home.

7. Cooks Standard 3-Qt. Covered Sauce Pan

List Price: $120
Sale Price: $38.12

If you’re going to prepare food for yourself or your family, you’re going to want the best possible tools to do so. This large sauce pan from Cooks Standard allows you to do that with a highly rated product with a plethora of possibilities as to what you can cook with it. Amazon has the hook-up with over $80 in savings for this sauce pan on Feb. 29.

6. Etekcity Outdoor LED Lantern, 2-Pack

List Price: $70
Sale Price: $15.99

Be it because of going camping, the power going out, or simply digging through a dark area, it’s always useful to have a lantern around. This deal on Amazon has you covered as you can get two highly rated LED lanterns for over $50 less than the list price.

5. Rosetta Stone Level 1 Software (Variety of Languages)

List Price: $179
Sale Price: $64.99

It feels like just about everyone in the world would love to learn a new language and Rosetta Stone is one of the best tools to do just that. On Monday, though, one of the best Amazon deals of the day has the beginning software at an incredibly reasonable price that customers should jump on in a heartbeat.

4. 10k White Gold, Black-White Diamond Owl Necklace

List Price: $1,150
Sale Price: $279.99

Buying jewelry for someone else or even yourself can be a bit finicky in regards to personal taste and how it actually looks on your person. That being said, most everyone appreciates a fine piece of unique jewelry and this owl pendant necklace made of white gold and black-and-white diamonds is surely that. For a beautiful necklace with savings of near $900, it’s hard not to have this among the best Amazon deals.

3. Photive Blade Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

List Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $29.95

There’s probably not many people in the first world that haven’t tried to listen to music at one point or another, but their phone speakers or something of the sort haven’t been nearly loud enough. Solve that with one of the best Amazon deals of Leap Day with over $100 in savings on a nice, sleek Bluetooth speaker.

2. Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag

List Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $72.61

If there’s one thing that every Amazon customer has, it’s a bed. But who wants to go to sleep in a bed that doesn’t look comfy and, well good? Amazon has you covered on Feb. 29 with full bed-in-a-bag set in nice, muted colors that are versatile in terms of decorating around it. For over $175 in savings, it’s a fantastic deal that you should jump on.

1. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddle, Grill, Panini Press (Refurbished)

List Price: $185
Sale Price: $48.36

Though it might not be for everyone, one of the most convenient things when it comes to food prep is having multi-purpose tools to work with. That’s what you get with this grill/griddle/panini press that has five different functionalities. Though it’s a refurbished piece, it’s over $150 off of list price and without question worth it for a highly rated product.

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