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A look at the 10 best deals of the day throughout the entire catalog of Amazon on Saturday, Feb. 27

There’s no doubt that can fulfill virtually any need you have in regards to shopping as there’s a reason that they are the leading online marketplace. However, the best part about shopping on Amazon is the deals that they offer on a daily basis that are sprawling and full of massive savings on great products.

However, sifting through all of the deals on a given day can be a daunting task with thousands of Amazon deals being available on a daily basis. To save you from that, Amazon Adviser has a look at the best Amazon deals on a given day throughout the site in all different categories of products.

These are the 10 best Amazon deals on Saturday, Feb. 27:

10. BOSS AUDIO 7-In Touchscreen Car Stereo with DVD Player, Bluetooth, Remote

List Price: $469
Feb. 27 Price: $119.99

The BOSS Audio car stereo system on sale on on Saturday has all of the bells and whistles as it offers the normal services of a modern car stereo, but also has more modern features such as bluetooth compatibility and, crazily enough, a DVD Player.

Though you’re obviously going to have to take it to a shop that can wire this to your vehicle, another underrated reason why this is one of the best Amazon deals on Feb. 27 is the fact that you can check the compatibility with your vehicle at the top of the page. With $350 in savings for a killer product, it’s hard not to have this on your list of the top Amazon deals on Saturday.

9. Vornado Whole Room Humidifier

List Price: $119.99
Feb. 27 Price: $59.99

While not everyone may be in the market for a humidifier, this is too good of an Amazon deal to pass up if you are. The Vornado Evap3 can cover up to 700-sq. ft. and has a number of other cool features. With $60 in savings on the Vornado Evap3, customers would be crazy to pass this deal up if they even remotely have a use for a humidifier.

8. Purrell Everywhere System Starter Pack

List Price: $120.64
Feb. 27 Price: $12.47

With all of the concern about germs and viruses making their way around the world right now, the best measure to stay healthy is to stay clean, starting with the hands. You’ve probably seen these Purrell hand sanitizer dispensers in doctor’s offices and other places of that nature, but you can have your own for incredible savings of over $100 on this monster of an Amazon deal.

7. Aukey Dual USB Car Charger

List Price: $39.99
Feb. 27 Price: $6.99

This might seem like a bit of minute savings out of all of the Amazon deals out there, but the practicality of a USB charging port in the car is just too real in today’s age to pass up. Everyone has been in a situation where you need a charge in your phone while in the car and this product offers the solution—and does so with tremendous savings off of the regular list price as well.

6. Etekcity LED Desk Lamp

List Price: $199.99
Feb. 27 Price: $42.49

There are desk lamps and then there are the Etekcity LED Desk Lamp and the latter just happens to be featured as one of the best Amazon Deals of Saturday, Feb. 27. Not only does it provide a versatile LED lighting for your desk, but also offers a display of the time, temperature, and so on on the base of the lamp as well. really has you covered with over $150 in savings on this product.

5. Taotronics Bluetooth Wireless Earbud Sports Headphones

List Price: $69.99
Feb. 27 Price: $13.99

One of the smartest trends in recent memory is the Bluetooth compatible wireless headphones in regards to their convenience for those who are interested in fitness. If you happen to have heard and coveted these headphones, but haven’t yet bought any, you’re in luck. They’re a fantastic deal on Amazon for Saturday with over $50 in savings on one of the best pair available on the market.

4. KitchCo 5-Piece Heat Resistant Utensils

List Price: $58.95
Feb. 27 Price: $18.98

Everyone has to cook at some point in their lives, whether or not they’re particularly good at it is irrelevant. However, why not cook with the best tools that you have, which would be these KitchCo heat resistant cooking utensils. Not only are they versatile in their uses, but the almost $40 savings on these high quality kitchen tools makes them one of the best Amazon deals of the day.

3. Stanley 210-Piece Mixed Tool Set

List Price: $253
Feb. 27 Price: $99.95

Whether or not your a handyman or woman, there’s always a need for tools around the house. Rather than running over to your neighbor of family member to borrow some, though, this Amazon deal has you covered with a 210-piece tool set that has all the bases covered, including keeping your wallet happy with over $150 in savings.

2. The New Yorker All Access 12-Issue Subscription

Cover Price: $191.76
Feb. 27 Price: $5

The New Yorker is one of the most well-respected publications in the world that features some of the best writing out there. Rather than paying a hefty cover price issue-by-issue, has a deal that will hook you up with 12 issues for only $5. Considering that’s over $185 in savings, this is an absolutely incredible Amazon deal that also includes digital issues as well.

1. Krups EA8250 Espresso Machine, Coffee Maker with Built-In Grinder

List Price: $1,200
Feb. 27 Price: $369.99

Everyone loves their coffee, but why not get your morning caffeine in style with this Krups machine that literally has it all. You can make espresso, coffee, steam milk, and even grind your own coffee beans with this machine. While the list price on Amazon would set you back a pretty penny, this Amazon deal has savings of over $800 on Saturday and is without question the top deal of the day.

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