10 Best Romantic Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime Video

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4. Lost In Translation (2003)

Director: Sofia Coppola

Starring: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Giovanni Ribisi, Anna Farris, Akiko Takeshita

There are certainly plenty of heavy tones throughout the story being told in Lost In Translation, but it’s the romance and the hilarity of the circumstances that the characters find themselves in that really shines. What ultimately comes out of it all is a wonderful film that chronicles several days in the lives of two people in vastly different situations that are drawn together because of their misfortune and, if you believe in that sort of thing, by fate.

Bob Harris, portrayed by Bill Murray, was once a famous actor, but is forced to head to Tokyo, Japan to film a commercial for a whiskey. While in a new country, he meets a young wife of a celebrity photographer, Charlotte, in his hotel. The two befriend one another and, through nights out on the town where Bob experiences the Japanese culture and various lunches and other encounters, the two become increasingly closer to one another.

There are no spoilers here, but just know that the ending to Lost in Translation is one of the most discussed cinematic scenes, particularly for a romantic comedy. It’s not all laughs, but it’s a fantastic addition to the genre and a film anyone should catch on Amazon Prime Video.

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