7 Reasons Amazon’s Transparent is the best comedy on TV

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The show is addicting and is in the perfect format on Amazon Prime Video.

There’s no doubt in my mind; if Transparent was on HBO, Transparent would pull huge ratings when released weekly. Because it was released on Amazon Prime Video, I think the show got off to a bit of a slow start with the general public. Critics raved about the series, but the public hadn’t –and still hasn’t– figured out how good of a deal Amazon Prime Video is.

With the second season premiering on Dec. 11, it’s clear that Amazon is the perfect home for Transparent for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Transparent is a built to binge series. Obviously, we can’t speak to the creator’s intention, but the content forces us to keep watching. I wanted to watch a couple of episodes before the Season 2 premiere, and I watched the entire series without even realizing that was what I was doing!

That’s how good it is!

For that, Amazon Prime is perfect because viewers can watch at their own pace.

It’s true that can be said about every show, but there’s definitely more than a few shows that don’t play very well as binge-watch. Transparent is not one of those shows.

And second, other than The Man in the High Castle, Transparent is the headliner of the Amazon originals. Amazon is able to spend a time of time and money promoting the show in ways other networks would not be able to. And, with that extra love and care, Transparent is getting a lot of buzz.

To use a sports metaphor: It’s like Transparent is a superstar on a team that hasn’t won a title in forever. If the show were on the Los Angeles Lakers or New England Patriots and led the team to a title, they’d join a group of great players who won championships. However, if they play for a team that’s never won anything like the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Cleveland Browns, they’ll go down as a legend.

Transparent is to Amazon Prime Video as LeBron James is to the Cleveland Cavaliers, basically… if James could win a title in Cleveland, that is.

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