7 Reasons Amazon’s Transparent is the best comedy on TV

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Transparent is real.

Transparent was inspired by creator Jill Soloway’s father, who identifies as a woman. That’s where the idea for the series came from and grew into what it is today.

In that way, Transparent was inspired by a very real experience, but that’s not exactly what I mean when I say the show is “real.”

By “real,” I mean Transparent has heart and soul, and actually feels like something real people, like me and you, could actually experience.

Is everyone going to know someone and relate to their father identifying as a woman? No, they’re not.

But, most people can relate to the ever-changing family dynamic, old wounds being re-opened over time, and to being forced to confront their poor choices and character flaws.

I don’t think that we can all see ourselves as one character in the series. We can, however, see bits and pieces of ourselves in many of the well-rounded characters in Transparent. And, that’s what makes the series so real.

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