The Man in the High Castle: 20 things you need to know about the Amazon Original Series

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6. The series is not the same as the book

If you’re planning on reading the book and watching the series, we have good news! The book and the TV show are not the same story.

According to an Entertainment Weekly interview with creator Frank Spotnitz, many of the details have changed. New characters have been added; backstories of characters have changed. It seems like it’s a fairly loose adaptation of the story from The Man in the High Castle novel.

The biggest change from book to TV show is in the setting of the series.

As some you may know, the book takes place on the West Coast of the country in the Japanese Pacific States. In the TV series, however, Spotnitz has incorporated the East Coast, also known as the Greater Nazi Reich, into the TV series. That means a whole new story that was not in the book.

Obviously, I realize this might make book fans a bit apprehensive to the idea. But, based on the changes I’ve heard about, it really seems like the changes are for the best. The broad scope of the show brings in more characters and more storylines, which will hopefully increase the longevity of the series… if it’s good!

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